About Me

“Tell me a story.”

I hear some amazing stories. I learn a lot about where people come from, where they want to go, and what drives them. The best part of my work is connecting all those details through storytelling to make a much bigger effect. It’s a privilege to share them with others.

“Overheard somewhere”

I’ve been trained to think that there is no such thing as humbleness in marketing, so I’ll let some honest people comment about my work:

“His work experience along with his MBA/study abroad experience make him a strong candidate for a growing international company seeking exceptional leaders.”

“Chris stood out as an exceptionally well-organized, cool-headed and insightful member of the Admissions team.”

“He is not only passionate about helping others, but also encourages his colleagues to do the same.”

 “As his direct supervisor I was always able to count on him to make good decisions, complete work on a timely basis and develop new processes for the department.”