A Design Evolution

One School. One Goal.

Our goal is to transform the look, feel, and brand of Wheaton College Graduate School in order to inspire future global servant-scholars and leaders.

Call it a Throwback

Our ad text was too long, the wording was fluff, and the design looked a little too similar to other schools. Over the last few years, we refined our ads by simplifying our message while continuing to use existing templates.


Trust the Process

However, we still needed shorter copy, an inspirational message, and a practical focus. We needed a design that would inspire, stand out, and set the right tone. First, we had to find the answer to the question, “Why Wheaton?”

Survey. Focus group. Interview. Test. Repeat. All of the feedback pointed to one clear distinctive: Wheaton faculty. Their scholarships and close mentorship are why students come to Wheaton.

Made You Look

We wanted to highlight our faculty’s accomplishments and their areas of expertise, while providing a fun, light vibe to the ad that says they are personable and accessible. The use of white space and pop of blue color makes our ad stand out from the rest.


127 Pieces and Counting

That’s the number of print and digital materials we’re working on for the redesign. Our goal is to launch the campaign in August 2017.

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